Call or email us today to get a quote!! If you have any questions or concerns with filing a claim, we can help you through the process!


Call or email us today to get a quote!! If you have any questions or concerns with filing a claim, we can help you through the process!


Call or email us today to get a quote!! If you have any questions or concerns with filing a claim, we can help you through the process!

We can’t help it, daño de granizo on your cars can really happen. Instead of getting frustrated with an unexpected what the hail situation, contact the best paintless dent removal company to get your car back on the road again. Our repair services are available in and around Dallas, TX.

We often hear that prevention is better than cure, but in the case of daño de granizo it can just happen simply because you are out and about in your car when it hailed. The good thing is that whenever those what the hail problems happen, there is a paintless dent removal company you can count on – Texas Dent Company. Next time that you need the best dent repair services in Dallas, TX or its nearby areas, you know who to call!

Even if daño de granizo can be a bit of a setback, our goal is to get your car in its tip-top shape while lessening your what the hail worries during the process. Our company is known for the quality and precision that we deliver in every dent repair job we complete, not to mention that we provide the best customer experience from the moment you contact us for a quote to the time that you may need assistance with your insurance coverage. Unlike other paintless dent removal companies, we take the time to make sure that the results are nothing but outstanding and we have our clients’ testimonials from all around Dallas, TX to prove that.

Daño de granizo on your car here in Dallas, TX? Our dent repair team can turn your what the hail expression into a wow after they have worked on your car. Take advantage of the perks of working with the best paintless dent removal company.

A hail damaged car is bad but it doesn’t have to be worse, make sure you get only the best dent repair in your area. We happen to be right here in Dallas, TX plus we service Frisco and Carrollton areas too. You can easily call to get a quote and we’ll take care of your hail damage repair needs professionally. All you really need to do afterwards is pick up your car and drive away!


We Buy Hail Cars

If you or someone you know is tired of looking at their car’s damage and wants to sell it we can take if off your hands!!

We Work With Your Insurance

We work directly with your insurance company. We are with you every step of the way to help make the process as stressfree and easy as possible!!

Warranty Our Work

We stand by our work, which is why we warranty it for life!! (Aside from future hail storms)
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Highest Rated Most Review Service In Texas

This place is amazing! They have the best work ethics, impeccable attention to detail, keep clients informed during the entire process, work out all details with the insurance company and the end results are a spotless fully repaired automobile all while be courteous and literally stress free. This place is spot on! So impressed!read more
Doreen Ann Chaput
Doreen Ann C.
21:28 23 Sep 21
Cody and his team did a fantastic job the whole way through. Great customer service and beautiful job on my vehicle! Great communication, they went above and beyond. Go see them!read more
Shelly Morgan
Shelly M.
18:30 07 Sep 21
You won't be disappointed. My car had severe hail damage, over $10,000 worth. It looks brand new after they finished. Cody provided updates during the repair, and their customer service is excellent. I hope I never need this team again. If I do, I'll happily be a repeat more
Tim Jennings
Tim J.
18:44 14 Aug 21
Texas Dent did a great job on my car! I had tons of hail damage and a very large crack in my windshield. They took care of my deductible, gave me a rental and fixed my car in less than two weeks! They even detailed the inside, bonus! I was skeptical because I had not heard of this company before and I’ve seen too many people get get scammed. But they assured me they would earn my trust and they did. Would absolutely recommend, thank you Texas Dent!read more
Jennifer Latham
Jennifer L.
11:45 11 Aug 21
AJ and Cody were fantastic. I had hail damage and other shops were telling me they could have my car 4-5 weeks. TDC came to me, picked up my car and left a loaner, and had my car fixed and detailed in less than a week! I’m so thankful.. great job y’all!read more
Michelle Nelson
Michelle N.
00:22 30 Jul 21
Fritz stopped by and notice our 2020 Traverse was badly damage by hail. He immediately offered TDC services and explained to us the process, but above all they were willing to take the vehicle right away when all others were giving us dates months away. We were given a much needed loaner for the time of the repair. The service was very professional and quick turn around. As a car guy I was very impressed with their work, when others said that we will need a new roof and hood TDC said no need to damage the integrity of the vehicle we can PDR it and keep it original. We are very pleased with the work. Fritz was always available to answer question before, during and after throw out the more
Erodrioits 123
Erodrioits 1.
01:37 29 Jul 21
Excellent service, quick and easy process. Thanks Fritz!! Hutto location
Dominic Putnam
Dominic P.
00:35 20 Jul 21
Okay, let me start by saying how awesome the customer service is. They went above and beyond to help me out. Fritz was the man to talked to and one of the most awesome representatives of his profession. Him and his crew did an amazing job repairing the hail damage on my 300. They even went as far as to repair my broken door handle, free of charge. There were more little details to the car that they all helped me out with, to make the vehicle look as beautiful as the day it arrived at the showroom. I am one satisfied customer and will definitely be recommending this company to any who need repairs more
Chris Longoria
Chris L.
22:58 08 Jul 21
The experience I had was great and quick. Fritz Torres was my claim specialist and he made the process easy. I had my claim open and supplemented with another body shop but, I was on an ongoing waiting list just to get my vehicle in the shop. Mr. Torres not only dealt with my insurance company and transferred the supplement, he provided a rental for the days my vehicle was in the shop. It took only 4 days to get my car in and fixed. My car looks great and is dent free. As I said, the total experience was great and quick and will definitely use Texas Dent Company again in the more
edward garcia
edward G.
13:33 30 Jun 21
These guys did a great job taking care of my Santa Fe and removing all the dents. I got a free rental car through them and they finished in the time frame they stated. Plus they cleaned my car so clean inside/out. Cody the owner was in constant contact with me and Carlos is a great representative. They dropped off the rental at my home and the actual shop wasn't far from our house. I have to go back for them to finish up some trim that had to be ordered from Hyundai who has a backlog on parts but I'm driving my car. Another shop had me on a 6 month waitlist just to get an appointment. I estimated my vehicle to be returned to me by mid February 2022. Soooooooo glad I went with TDC. 👍read more
Cynthia Garza
Cynthia G.
18:04 29 Jun 21
Texas Dent Company is hands down one of the best dent repair businesses to use in the area! My Jeep Grand Cherokee was ruined from a hail storm, I took my Jeep to another collision center first who gave me a very difficult time only to find out my vehicle wouldn’t be repaired for 6-8 months. I was referred to Texas Dent Company from a client and they immediately got my vehicle in for repairs. Cody was very professional, explained all of the steps to me and even got me in a complimentary loaner vehicle! They did an excellent job with the repairs and my Jeep looks brand new again. Very happy!read more
Kailey Davis
Kailey D.
22:05 25 Jun 21
If I could go back in time and get the first two of three cars fixed by Texas Dent Company, I would have. What took another shop 3 weeks to complete they did in 48 hours with perfect results. They had onsite car rentals, so it was truly a one stop shop which is priceless when something as stressful as car repair happens. The staff was personable and professional and took the time to explain the dent removal process and help us to understand the insurance process. Can't say enough great things about the whole more
Dan Silverstein
Dan S.
15:57 18 Jun 21
I got my new F250 Tremor, and of course, the hail storm comes right after. In a truck like this, there is no way to avoid the inevitable. I was looking around for a reputable auto hail damage company to do the repairs on the truck. The front hood had several dings, and the tonneau cover was hit hard by the hail. The shop that did the tint on the truck recommended that I go to Texas Dent Company in Hutto. The best advice I've ever gotten on any type of auto repair.Cody was waiting for me when I got there. He looked over the truck and told me he could get the work done in less than a day. He got the insurance info, called then up, and handled everything for me! he told me he would text me when the approval came back. A couple of days later, he texted, and I dropped it off that morning. Twelve hours later, I was driving my truck. Plus, Cody and his team detailed the truck for me. The Tremor looked like showroom floor quality. And I didn't have to pay one red cent. Cody covered the deductible! Cody and the team at Texas Dent Company take their work seriously and provide a 5 Star experience. I highly recommend them to anyone who has a vehicle that has hail damage or needs paintless more
Jack Rady
Jack R.
23:40 16 Jun 21
This is an awesome and reliable company. They take great care of their customers and get you in and out in amazing time. Very friendly and professional!! I will definitely recommend this company and will only be taking my Jeep there if I ever need repairs again!! I was totally blessed to find them!! And very grateful!!read more
Cherokee Mather
Cherokee M.
00:25 16 Jun 21
Cody did a great job with my Ford Edge. He told me when they thought they would be done and kept me in the loop with text messages. Did a mini detail job on the inside of the car also. I would recommend them if you have hail more
Kenneth Ladd
Kenneth L.
00:04 12 Jun 21
Cody and his team went above and beyond our expectations. It went so well that I brought my neighbor up their immediately and told him he has to use them to fix his hail more
Eric Lefebvre
Eric L.
19:30 11 Jun 21
Fritz was amazing from start to finish! Very professional, helped answer all my questions, and even helped with my insurance questions. I will admit that I was very skeptical about this process.. like are you really professional is this a scam? But he was so professional and spot on I felt at ease that I and my vehicle were in great hands!! They even help you with a rental y’all!!He communicated with me the entire process and the turn around time was unbelievable I got it back the next day. He said it could take 5-7 days but that was fast and my vehicle was even detailed I was in awe when he brought me my truck. It looked even better than when I bought it. I can’t express how great and professional this company is and shout out to Fritz once again for all your hard work and great customer service!read more
Brenda Garza
Brenda G.
15:30 11 Jun 21
Fritz was amazing from start to finish! Very professional, helped answer all my questions, and even helped with my insurance questions. I will admit that was very skeptical about this process.. like are you really professional is this a scam? But he was so professional and spot on I felt at ease that I and my vehicle were in great hands!! They even help you with a rental y’all!!He communicated with me the entire process and the turn around time was unbelievable I got it back the next day. He said it could take 5-7 days but that was fast and my vehicle was even detailed I was in awe when he brought me my truck. It looked even better than when I bought it. I can’t express how great and professional this company is and shout out to Fritz once again for all your hard work and great customer service!read more
Brenda Gutierrez
Brenda G.
15:26 11 Jun 21
Great service. They are professional with everything they do and say. Kept me posted on what was going on. Once I got my truck back it looked better than when I bought it brand new. Totally would recommend them for any type of more
Josh Metz
Josh M.
16:45 09 Jun 21
Fixed hail damage on my car in one day and were super nice and professional. Had a slight mix up with something and they went above and beyond to fix the problem and ensure a satisfied customer. Great guys, would recommend!read more
Maddie Moreno
Maddie M.
23:02 05 Jun 21
Great company and easy to work with. Had hail damage from storms in Round Rock from April. These guys got me back running quick and took care of almost all the insurance work. Highly recommend, they have a location near Round Rockread more
Matthew Anderson
Matthew A.
20:42 03 Jun 21
My neighbors and I will remember April 15, 2021 for years to come. It was the late afternoon hail storm that wreaked havoc on our area. From inside the house it sounded like a war zone. As I looked out the window I saw my brand new vehicle get pounded by softball sized hail I immediately became stressed out and had anxiety about what the upcoming insurance and repair process would be like in my immediate future. I immediately filed a claim and made an appointment for an inspection and estimate with my insurance company which was scheduled for two weeks later. I was told by my insurance company that the wait list for inspections, estimates, and actual repair were months out. Full disclosure, I became overwhelmed and took no action for a week.One morning I was loading up the car to go for a much needed day out to Krause Springs for some nature and Michael Sartoris pulled up in front of my house. He sprung out of his car with a genuine smile and upbeat and friendly energy. He asked if I was impacted by the recent hail storm and I side eyed my vehicle and sarcastically said, "you could say that". My new silver baby was covered in dents and the windshield was busted (along the sides). My inspection with my insurance company had estimated damages of over $10K. I think Michael immediately could sense my anxiety and being overwhelmed and took the opportunity to ease my mind explaining to me their process and a few other details- the main part of which I heard was I didn't have to do ANYTHING. I told him I would call him in a few days when I was ready to forfeit my vehicle for repairs.Michael continued to text and follow up with me, but not in a pushy way. He asked me how my time out at Krause Springs was and reassured me that he had a rental vehicle available for me and would even bring the rental to the house for drop off and pick up of my vehicle. I wouldn't even have to leave the house. This is a HUGE selling point for me. In the era of porch pick ups and deliveries, I've become quite spoiled.Michael did as promised and brought me a rental that was equivalent in size to my vehicle and took my baby in for repairs. I was SHOCKED that he was able to take my vehicle in so quickly when I had been told by several other repair shops that they wouldn't be able to take my vehicle in until late July. Michael and his team had my vehicle for a week and I just picked it up last Friday. She was PERFECT and clean and shiny and looking brand new. And he was right- I did NOTHING. He handled everything with the insurance company, the repair shop on his end, rental, everything was taken care of for me.Needless to say, I would recommend Michael and TDC to anyone that has to go through the tedious process of hail damage and repair. Their work is top notch, but most importantly (to me) Michael's professionalism, friendliness, and accommodating service is something I greatly appreciate and look for and stand out when it comes time to recommending services.Michael is incredible and while I hope I don't have to go through this again, I don't dread it as much knowing I just have to make a call to Michael @ more
Nicole Bailey
Nicole B.
16:58 31 May 21
Locally owned Texas Dent Company here in Austin, TX is highly recommended!! Michael Sartoris was professional and communicated with us every step of the process. Michael went above and beyond by picking up, dropping off, and detailing car. The work was excellent and I will definitely do business again and recommend to family and friends! You will not be disappointed with their service!!read more
Charlie Gutierrez
Charlie G.
15:40 23 May 21
Highly recommend Texas Dent Company! They are locally owned here in Austin, TX--Michael Sartoris was professional and understood communication is key with customers. Michael always kept my husband and I updated with the progress of my vehicle as it was severely damaged from a hail storm. They did an excellent job with the repairs, and I cannot recommend them enough! Thank you Michael and team for a wonderful job!read more
Isabel DeBolt
Isabel D.
15:04 20 May 21
Hail Dent Repair - Satisfied Customer. I usually don't post stuff but thought I would pass this along. My sons car got hailed on really bad in the hail storm on April 15th. Called around to various repair shops and said they couldnt get to us until August. I said what? That was just for the estimate.then we would have to wait for the repair. Decided we had no other choice but to wait til the fall to get the repairs done. About this time we had a guy knock on our door and said he noticed we had some hail damage on my sons car. We had marble to golf ball sized hail damage. It was very noticeable. He said his company specialized in hail dent repairs. I said yeah right. I don't ever buy anything from people who knock on my door. No offense to door to door salespeople. I decided to ask him some real serious questions and he actually had some real good answers. I was impressed. He mentioned they had a main office in Dallas and recently opened a location in Hutto. We visited a bit then i said let me think about it. I did some research saw they had a bunch of great reviews and even called the main office to make sure he was legitimate. Turned out he was. So we decided to give these guys a try. They said they could start on the repairs right away. They even came to our place so we didn't have to leave the house. Brought us a loaner car to use while our vehicle was in the shop. Just got the car back today. Everything was fixed. No dents. Even had to put in a new windshield. The car looked brand new. They even detailed the car as well. They worked with the insurance company and made everything smooth. Very pleased. Cant say enough about the whole process. We worked with Rick Miller at Texas Dent Company in Hutto. Any questions feel free to call or text him at 214-263-5183. Thanks again. Steve Burzynski Round Rock, more
Steve Burzy
Steve B.
00:10 20 May 21
JM . Austin Tx. Had hail damage on my pickup. Met Michael Sartoris and he handled everything. Delt with the insurance company great job on dents and to my surprise detailed not only the outside but also the inside ! Thanks to the team at more
Jerry Miller
Jerry M.
19:03 14 May 21
Texas dent company, was very professional, would recommend them to everyone. Michael Sartoris did absolutely everything for us.We did not have to worry about anything. We paid nothing out of pocket and he picked up our car and gave us a loaner. When job was finished he brought my car back and it looked absolutely beautiful. It was even detailed, very pleased! SO Please get a hold of Michael if you have any hail damage! Jonread more
Jon Hayes
Jon H.
19:56 12 May 21
Hail Damage Repair by Professionals!!! Best customer service experience backed up by some of the best if not the best paintless dent removal hail damage removal I have ever seen I’m not only satisfied I’m beyond satisfied Michael Sartoris and his team at Texas Dent Company are amazing. I will not only recommend them to my friends and family but anybody that wants hail damage removal please choose Texas Dent Company they’re awesome. The turnaround time was week and they even detailed my vehicle inside and more
Charlie Saldana
Charlie S.
15:44 12 May 21
Texas Dent Company made our entire experience easy.The results are amazing and it looks like a new car.Michael Sartoris communicated with our insurance company to make the filing process worry free.We were given a rental car and our car was returned in perfect condition and beautifully detailed.Highly recommend this more
Sandy Hayes
Sandy H.
15:17 12 May 21
Extremely satisfied with their service! You have won our business. We will drive to you guys if we ever need y’all again!
Amy Vidal
Amy V.
18:06 03 May 21
I would HIGHLY recommend Texas Dent Company to anyone and everyone! I had the pleasure of speaking with Cody through the whole process and he went above and beyond. He spoke with my insurance company for me the entire time my car was there and even after I picked it up. I was put in an extremely clean rental car in a matter of minutes after showing up to drop my car off. My 4Runner had golf ball sized hail damage all over and a chip in the windshield and Cody and his team had it repaired in about 3 days! Not to mention they detailed my car to perfection. It looked better than it did when I bought it! This company exceeded my expectations. I never would have thought having to get my car repaired would be such a great and stress free experience. Everyone there had a smile on their faces and had great costumer service. I will always use Cody and his team for any damage I have in the future!read more
Jacee Murr
Jacee M.
15:28 03 May 21
These guys are amazing, I dropped off my vehicle on a Thursday and by the next business day it was finish and returned back to me. Cody, Carlos and the crew went beyond their expectations and got my truck looking like new. I would definitely recommend The Texas Dent Company to more
Evon Rodriguez
Evon R.
16:22 26 Apr 21
Hail! Rocks falling from the sky. Our pickup got beat up pretty bad. Michael Sartoris picked it up, took it to the shop and brought it back after repairs. The truck looked as good as the day we bought it, 5 years ago. Thanks TX more
John Leubner
John L.
15:04 24 Apr 21
We had two trucks turned into them with a less than week turnaround time! Rick Miller would send us photos and text messages of progress! Would highly recommend! Very professional and we didn’t have to do anything!read more
Jennifer Valdez
Jennifer V.
23:38 23 Apr 21
They did a fantastic job on two of our vehicles. Less than a week turn around! Very satisfied customer!
Jennifer Valdez
Jennifer V.
23:30 23 Apr 21
Texas Dent Company did excellent job on my vehicle. Cody and Michael are awesome, I am so pleased with the job! Thank you so much for more
Sydney Evans
Sydney E.
01:57 23 Apr 21
We had a great experience with Texas Dent Company. Michael was very accommodating and made sure our cars were completed timely and restored to their pre-hail condition. Everyone we met there was kind and courteous and made sure our vehicles were completed to our satisfaction with little delay. We will definitely use them more
Melissa Walker
Melissa W.
01:18 23 Apr 21
Texas Dent Company is amazing. We had the pleasure of working with Fritz. If your thinking about using them I would highly recommend working with him. He set everything up, made it a smooth process. My car looks 100 times better then it did before. Thank you for making it a smooth more
Tabitha Medina
Tabitha M.
22:34 22 Apr 21
They fixed hail damage on two of my vehicles and were awesome! They had it done quickly and even gave us a rental at no cost while the repairs were being done. Would highly recommend them to anyone!!read more
Lea Anderson
Lea A.
18:19 22 Apr 21
A big shout out to Michael and Cody!!! They did such great work on my car, my husbands car and now they are about to fix my mother in laws car to!! They are so nice and get the job done fast! I highly recommend this business to anyone who appreciates actual customer service!read more
Caitlyn Kellough
Caitlyn K.
22:30 20 Apr 21
Texas dent company works with insurance companies and also works with getting you a rental vehicle. I left my Dodge ram with them and the staff is extremely friendly and professional. They know what they are doing. When my vehicle was returned to me, it had been detailed and washed looked like a new vehicle.. I dealt with Cody, And went to their business a couple of times. Each time the staff was extremely friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend Texas Dent company... and hope it don’t happens, but will for sure use them in the future if more
Bennie Green
Bennie G.
20:34 20 Apr 21
I’m always hesitant to put my car in the shop and especially the hassle of insurance claims. I was referred by a friend and let me tell you, Fritz was not only personable and professional, but handled the claim. It was hassle free to me! I was expecting my car to be in the shop for at least a couple weeks, but I just picked my car up...after only 5 days! Simply amazing! I’m so appreciative for the Texas Dent Company and would highly recommend to anyone!read more
carol dyer
carol D.
22:41 19 Apr 21
First of all Fritz Torres is the best!! He is very friendly, keeps you updated on everything that is going on with your vehicle, and the best part handles everything for you. He showed up at my door one afternoon and right away set me up for the next day to get my repairs started on my baby (cadillac). I was nervous but he made is super comfortable to trust him. After my Cadillac came home she was beautiful!! I also got my GMC repaired with them and again it looked amazing!! I recommend this company to anyone that is looking to get some work done. They go above and beyond and make sure you are more
Amanda Medina
Amanda M.
20:44 17 Apr 21
Easy to work with and fast turn around on hail damage. Had our vehicle less than a week and were prompt to answer any questions. Did a great job on all the repairs!read more
Clint Morris
Clint M.
20:22 16 Apr 21
Cody Wilson delivered on exactly what he said. My truck had golf ball size hail dents and his team removed every last one.My truck looks better than when it went in. Cody updated constantly on the repairs and made sure everything was perfect from start to finish. A big thank you to Cody,Fritz,Carlos and the whole Texas Dent Company crew your excellent work!read more
Raul Garcia
Raul G.
03:38 16 Apr 21
We had a terrible hail storm in West Texas damage both of our brand new vehicles, by pure happy coincidence I met Michael Sartoris at Walmart and learned about Texas Dent Company.Michael took care of everything for us from the insurance claim to the rental car and even detailing our vehicles on the day of pick up.Everything was fantastic! My wife and I are a thousand percent satisfied with the entire process.Michael, we appreciate everything you and your team did to get our vehicles looking back to showroom more
Shaun Floyd
Shaun F.
22:14 13 Apr 21
The recent hail storm in Big Spring, TX left two of my vehicles riddled with hail damage. Fritz with Texas Dent came by my house and I decided to use them. Literally the only thing I did was file my claim online. They dealt with the insurance company, picked up my vehicles, got the estimate, repaired my vehicles and returned them to me. I did nothing. Communication through the process was excellent and my vehicles look great. Highly recommended!read more
Jennifer Hines
Jennifer H.
21:31 08 Apr 21
Michael Sartoris with Texas Dent Company is wonderful to work with. TDC did a terrific job on my car (paintless dent repair) and now my car and my husband's truck look brand new. Michael is a cool guy and even took my husband and me to get our rental vehicles. TDC paid our deductibles so we had no out of pocket expenses. We highly recommend Texas Dent Company and Michael Sartoris!!read more
Sandy Childress
Sandy C.
20:30 01 Apr 21
Tip of the hat to Michael Sartoris!This company and his commitment are far beyond any service offered in this area. Mr. Sartoris was pleasant, professional and personable. Could not have ask for better service!read more
Laurie Aguilar
Laurie A.
00:15 30 Mar 21
Really enjoy working with Cody and his team. Looking forward to helping them continue to grow. JRz
Jesse R.
Jesse R.
08:39 24 Mar 21
Fritz was awesome to work with. Never pressured me into choosing them and explained how their method worked. Had my car done in only a week and it looks brand new again!!read more
Sarah Clanton
Sarah C.
17:22 23 Feb 21
Great group of guys! They took a few nasty door dings out of my truck. Easy to schedule and easy to drop off and pick up. Fair priced as well. Thanks to Cody and more
Alec Johns
Alec J.
23:22 06 Jan 21
Texas Dent Company did an excellent job removing the hail dents from my BMW. They were very professional and turn around time was fast. Definitely one of the best Paintless Dent Removal companies in more
Tiffani Wright
Tiffani W.
18:22 22 Oct 20
These guys are the real deal! We had severe hail damage that the other guys quoted us double what Cody and his team charged. Spent less than a quarter of their quoted time too! These guys were FAST and professional. Customer service was beyond my expectations. They worked with us for pick-up and delivery between Midland and Odessa and even gave me a rental at no extra cost. This was so so easy and hassle-free!Oh, and the work!! Aaalllll that damage is gone! The other guys said it couldn't be done by PDR. Texas Dent Company took their man card! There's not a trace of any dents whatsoever. I had low expectations thanks to the other guys, but Texas Dent Company made their claim and absolutely delivered as promised. I am a very happy customer!read more
Rachel Welch
Rachel W.
03:35 22 Oct 20
fritz,Carlos and cody did an amazing job on both of my vehicle. if you have any hail damage call The Texas dent company.
Lorenza Rosa
Lorenza R.
14:05 19 Sep 20
Thanks Fritz and Cody yall did a great job on both my vehicles and I was referred to yall by another satisfied customer. Very Profesional people and work.💯read more
James Wesnyle Anderson
James Wesnyle A.
21:28 03 Sep 20
Highly recommended this shop!!! The people are all professionals and are very prompt to getting your vehicle back with 100% satisfaction of their work. If I ever get hail damage again these are the guys I am calling. Keep up the good work guys!!!!read more
Carlos E. Villarreal
Carlos E. V.
14:01 13 Aug 20
They did an amazing job removing all the hail damage. My suv looks new again 🙌🏻 Thank you!
Autumn Marie 'Tiso' Helms
Autumn Marie 'Tiso' H.
12:48 06 Aug 20
We took our truck here to get fixed from the hail storm and the guys here did a fantastic job on the repairs and dealing with the insurance so I didn’t have too. Would definitely recommend them for your repairs too. Fast work, very friendly and professional. They also gave the truck back cleaner than I took it to them!read more
Regina Garcia
Regina G.
23:13 28 Jul 20
They worked quickly, Carlos did an amazing job fixing all the dents. Also friendly Service.
Isaias Baeza
Isaias B.
16:30 21 Jul 20
Love this company! Cody and Carlos made my car look brand new after a bad hail storm. They were extremely accommodating and made the entire process easy and stress free! Will definitely be sending any friends and family with car hail damage their way! Thanks guys!read more
Lauren Phillips
Lauren P.
20:42 03 Mar 20
I brought my Hyundai Sonata in to Texas Dent Repair a few weeks ago from hail Damage from a storm in Cedar Hill. Cody the owner and Carlos the dent technician were really nice guys that laid out the whole insurance process to me.The whole process from start to finish was exactly what I wanted to experience seeing I’ve never had to file a claim for storm damage.Thanks guys y’all rock. I will definitely use y’all again and recommend Texas Dent Company to my friends and more
Trevor Vick
Trevor V.
01:58 01 Mar 20
Cody and his team helped me out big time! Made everything go smoothly and I was back in my car in less than 2 weeks! They dealt with my insurance company and hooked me up with a rent right at the store so I didn’t have to bother with another companies. Their prices were beyond fair and I couldn’t have asked for better service!read more
Larissa VanDaele
Larissa V.
21:19 27 Feb 20
They did an amazing job on my vehicle. They really took care of me from start to finish and got it done quickly. I appreciate how patient they were with me! Thank you guys so much!read more
Arta Demalijaj
Arta D.
19:49 02 Jan 20
Extremely impressed and satisfied with the job Cody and Rick did on my truck. I've used them for PDR and full body work and have been happy both times. They have gone above and beyond what other shops have done. I highly recommend this more
Amy Woolverton
Amy W.
16:19 06 Dec 19
Great service! AJ got my car back to me in a very timely manner. The whole process was smooth and painless from start to finish!
Jazmin Salinas
Jazmin S.
23:38 10 Sep 19
This place is amazing! They are professional and very efficient! If you have a car that needs repair make sure to use this company . My car came back looking brand new 😀read more
Lori Ephron Mazey
Lori Ephron M.
03:18 18 Jun 19
I would definitely go to Dallas Dent Doctors again in the future! I couldn’t afford to not have a car for a couple of days so they even provided me with a rental while they worked on my car! Speedy fix, communicative, kind, and on top of things. So thankful for the amazing work they did on my car. 😊read more
SaraJane Elizabeth Fangman
SaraJane Elizabeth F.
00:09 08 Jun 19
They do great work and get the job done right the first time and in a timely manner
Spencer Coley
Spencer C.
00:30 23 May 19
Absolutely recommend Dallas Dent Doctors. Had an accident with our brand, new truck and ended up with huge dent (at least 2 ft by 3 ft wide). The repair was nothing short of a miracle! The job done was so outstanding that we couldn't even tell anything happened, and it was done without any paintwork! The repair was fast, the price was great, the shop is meticulous, and the entire team is friendly, I will tell all of my friends and family to use this shop for any of their dents or dings, whether they want to use their insurance or not. You just can't go wrong here!read more
Jill Dowd
Jill D.
15:30 26 Apr 19
Just picked up my truck, definitely happy with the work, will definitely recommend for anybody that needs dent repairs, thanks guys!
Ricardo De La Rosa
Ricardo De La R.
22:03 18 Apr 19
Cody and the team did an excellent job of repairing the dents and damage to my vehicle from a recent hailstorm. They kept me informed during the process and there were no surprises. Would highly recommend more
Beau Jacobson
Beau J.
19:40 17 Apr 19
they were awesome! Will definitely refer to others! they made the process so easy and the customer service was just great!!
Darcy Caperton
Darcy C.
18:05 30 Mar 19
Cody, the owner of Dallas Dent Doctors, is an awesome guy, honest, will take care of you from start to finish. He will take care of you If it’s from a hail storm or a door ding from a shopping cart at Walmart, use Dallas Dent Doctors over a body shop any day. Rental cars provided, and amazing service. Carlos is the best technician in more
Ryan Bassett
Ryan B.
00:51 28 Feb 19
great job would highly recommend anyone that needs paintless dent repair giving Dallas Dent Doctors a call you will be satisfied with the work and friendly staffread more
Gregory J Cox
Gregory J C.
21:48 27 Feb 19
Dallas Dent Doctor did an amazing job going above and beyond while completing on time and at a great price. I cannot recommend this company an more
Matt Anderson
Matt A.
15:49 16 Feb 19
Went there last week and they were great, Carlos is awesome in his work and a really cool guy!
Jhoman Monsalve
Jhoman M.
17:21 11 Feb 19
My car looks just like new! I highly recommend Dallas Dent Doctors if you want prompt, quality work done! Great customer service as well! You won’t be disappointed!read more
Adrianna Kirby
Adrianna K.
04:02 28 Nov 18
Great customer service, even better work. There was no hassle or stress and my car was fixed quickly and as good as new!
Kailey Calhoun
Kailey C.
21:42 16 Nov 18
Dallas Dent Doctors did work on my truck and I can’t say enough positive about the service and professionalism. If you have any type of work needed I would highly recommend them if you’re looking for an honest and reputable company. Thanks for everything team!read more
Corey Moody
Corey M.
01:35 08 Nov 18
Awesome experience! Easy decision and took care of everything I needed.
Collin Hesse
Collin H.
20:51 05 Nov 18
Great service and friendly staff! Got my vehicle done in a very timely manner!
Justin Owen
Justin O.
20:48 05 Nov 18
They are very personable yet professional. Their attention to detail is incredible. Workmanship is just second to none!
Teresa Wilson
Teresa W.
20:44 05 Nov 18
Hola 👋 buenas tardes,, a los laburantes que están al frente de la empresa... Saludos suerteeee 😍 desde Soriano Uruguay compatriotaread more
Ana Elena de Maggio
Ana Elena de M.
19:50 25 Oct 18
These guys are freaking awesome!! You wouldn't even know there was ever a dent on my car!!Definitely recommend them If you're in the Dallas area!read more
Kelly Hendricks
Kelly H.
18:00 25 Oct 18

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Texas Dent Company 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Texas Dent Company 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Texas Dent Company 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Texas Dent Company 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Texas Dent Company 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Texas Dent Company 100% Satisfaction Guarantee