Hail Claim Process: 5 easy steps to get rid of dents

by | Mar 29, 2024 | Hail Claims

Today, we will talk about the complete process from the moment one of our salespeople knocks on your door to the moment you pick up your car back from someone from Texas Dent Company.

1. First contact with Texas Dent Company

So, one of our great salespeople will knock on your door, you will open your door, and they will explain why Texas Dent Company is the best place to get your car fixed from hail damage.

2. Filing a claim

The process is that you will have to file a claim with your insurance. This call can take between 5 minutes and 10 minutes, depending on what information your insurance company needs. Some insurance companies need more things than others, but most of the time, each individual insurance company is going to require several things.

Once we get with your insurance company and have the estimate approved, we will start work as soon as possible.

Technician working on a vehicle headliner

Technician working on a vehicle headliner

3. We start work

So, as soon as we start work, the first thing that we do is drop the headliner, and we are going to what is essentially surgery on the car. We are going to make sure that all the access points that our technicians need to get to effectively get to those dents or those tricky spots depending on where on the car it is, depending on if it is on your roof, if it is on your hood, if it is on a door panel, or, again, there are various spots. But the gist is that we will be doing the actual repair on your car.

4. Quality Control Check

Once your car is finished being worked on, we will ensure all the repairs are done accordingly. We call this our QC check (Quality Control check). Sometimes, some things are missed. We have humans who work for us, and we are not a company of robots, so some things get missed. Sometimes, things may get overworked. Either way, anything like that is checked by our QC, the salesman, and the technician. Multiple hands ensure that the correct part is on and everything gets back precisely how it was supposed to. 

5. Pick up your car fixed.

And then, after your car is checked over, it will be washed and returned to you.

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